Reasons I live in Minnesota – Autumn –

I moved back to Minnesota almost 4 years ago after as long in Los Angeles.  I thought you might wonder why….

The fall is BY FAR my favorite time of the year. It is hard not to be happy when the world around you is near perfection!

Some people only dream of this….


Seriously, this is heaven!!!

I grew up on the banks of the Mississippi (also Lake Pepin, the birthplace of waterskiing) in Lake City, MN. My parents still live in the home we moved to when I was in 1st grade.

It is beyond beautiful.

Hometown Beauty
View from my Childhood Home - Lake City, MN (Lake Pepin)

The lake was a place to swim (there is now a public pool. Action at the beach (shown above) is practically non-existent). However, the Yacht Club & boating scene is still a major attraction & very active. (more on that next year!)

Yacht Club on a Sunny October Day

I now live in St. Louis Park, a suburb directly west of Minneapolis. The proximity to downtown as well as the feeling I am miles away from it all is a tremendous luxury.

THEE Best Bike Trails in the CITY!

The bike trail system here is the best in the country. 100s of miles of trails into and through the city. I won’t even try to explain it, you have to experience it for yourself, preferably this time of year.


Stop at the Park on our Local Bike Trail

I once heard a rumor that the City of St. Louis Park requires one park for every 6 city blocks within their limits. At first, I thought it was unrealistic.

But, I think it might be true!  We have 7 within 1 mile of our home. One of those is at Westwood Nature Center (the green park, as my son calls it)

Neighborhood Nature Center

Westwood Nature Center is a GEM IN THE CITY! Protected land for wildlife, hiking trails, a pond and center with educational activities throughout the year…

Pit Stop on the Trail - Westwood Nature Center
Most favorite part of the trail - through the pond

Every October, we take the hour drive north to Taylors Falls to visit some family, eat at their restaurant and hike in the state park on the St. Croix River.

Hiking on the River Banks
Hiking - Enjoy the View

They call it “leaf season” for a reason. We were there the weekend before the “peak” of color but it was still beautiful!

Back home, we love to play in the leaves from our large oak tree.

Yard Work - Yard Play at Home
My son is in there somewhere

What do you LOVE?


6 thoughts on “Reasons I live in Minnesota – Autumn –

  1. am I the first comment?! either way … Well done M A D. gorgeous pics. I agree on the fall and I am down with ringing in a first posting right. funky with dates, on 11.1.11 . . . can’t beat that. Congrats out to you, and thank you for sharing. While I have never been to MN … I sure would like to come, specifically to find out — why *everyone* in Minnesota knows how to build houses. Is this not true? Cheers. ~jb

    1. Thanks JB! I am all about fun dates like today. Sure to have many great things happen! I hope you will be coming to MN soon! It is a wonderful place. Not sure EVERYONE knows how to build houses but we know a lot more than most 😉 Guess it is all of our “weather” issues 🙂

  2. Michelle, great job on your first blog post. The pictures are amazing and love how you explained everything. It totally makes me want to visit your beautiful city and state. Fall is such a special time to me too. I can’t wait to see what you love next!

    1. Thank you Brenda! It is always difficult to write your first post but I figure it is important to reveal “me” to everyone. I am best to do that with photos!

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