It’s not Fancy, but it’s Home

I am an Interior Designer.

I own a home.

You want to see it.


But 1st.

I shall warn you.

It is not what you are expecting.

Not yet anyway!

We purchased this home in the fall of 2009 after looking at over 40 homes in person and 100s online. We hit the jackpot with this 1959 gem. Original owners for 50 years!

This is our 5th home purchase…we knew what we were looking for and would not settle.

Well maintained. No updates. As you will come to know, I LOVE MID CENTURY.  AND I MEAN A LOT, not just sorta-kinda. *Insert Huge Grin Here*

My House

Here is a teeny look at the interior on move in day, 2 years ago. I’ll do my best to describe the decor. PREPARE YOURSELF – It’s not pretty!

A kitchen designer’s dream and nightmare, this room will get it’s own post one day, I am sure of it. However, for now, we just need to paint…maybe a brown tone?

I know what you are thinking... Where is the Refrigerator?

Some of you may have already seen this next room on Twitter. We discussed at length one day. It is pink AND I LOVE IT! I have since painted the walls white. It needs help, LOVE, but it needs to be PERFECT…drama continues…

my bathroom

I sort of cheated with this photo (below), we actually took ALL of the carpet out before we moved in. Sure, we have nail holes from the tack strips & many areas of missing quarter round, but we DO NOT have dust mites from 30 years ago & we have gorgeous, 50 year old oak floors now!

living room

Oh, you saw the curtains? Yes, pretty, aren’t they?

Now, we’ll venture to the basement, through the iron gate, which came in handy for our (at the time) 1 year old!. The basement is really a walk out…SCORE!

However, it is guessed to have UNFORTUNATELY been updated at one point.

That is a fiberglass/asbestos-filled drop ceiling with fancy semi-recessed lighting. The wall paneling, green carpet & massively repulsive rug are circa “sometime that should never have happened”. The fireplace works, so we guess from the smudge of soot up the front. Other than that, nice, right!?!

If you haven’t already guessed, this is a peek of the “before”.  I’ll post updates from time to time & hopefully learn to document some of the process.  Some has already changed. Some has not. One thing is for sure, it can only get better!

A home is a work in progress. Some (mine) just need more work than others!

What do you LOVE?


6 thoughts on “It’s not Fancy, but it’s Home

  1. LOVE IT!! You are a brave soul! I always think of the same thing when we are going to host a party or have people over that I don’t know all that well. Yes, I am an Interior Designer, and no, my house does not look like it is from a magazine! THANKS for the affirmation that I am not alone!

    1. Thank you Susan! I debated it, but … who cares! It is the truth! I have full intentions of one day having a fabulous abode. However, I am realistic in knowing that it will be a while. To get it “finished” is not my style.

    1. You know it! Gabe is the reason for it all! The reason it is amazing, the reason it is a mess, the reason we haven’t “done” some things. It’s all fantastic!

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