Inspiring a Retreat in the Sky

Moving back to Minnesota after a lifetime in California, my client, Kate, wanted a place to remind her of the west coast but still be cozy for our winters!  Her new high rise condo in downtown St. Paul already had wonderful views (outside). It was my job to redo the inside to go with it!

VIBE photo

Whenever I am working on a project with multiple rooms, I like to start with a “VIBE” photo (above) to communicate my vision for the space.  It is a fantastic way to be sure you are all headed in the same direction.

After all, “beachy, calm retreat with WOW written all over it” can mean so many things to so many people!

First, the wall paint. I believe in cohesion in a small space (for instance, this 2 bed, 2 bath condo). It is never fun to have every wall one color. However, staying in the same tone is a great way to transition from space to space and create difference moods. (Subtle AND effective)

Sherwin Williams Color Palette

Kate has an extensive collection of original art, it was important that the colors we chose for the walls would not take away from any piece. The Sherwin Williams combo turned out to be PERFECTION!

Ultimate Inspiration

This American Olean glass tile (Whispering Stream) found in a pile of samples in my office set the stage for the living area & kitchen!  Kate – LOVED it!  Now, the real works starts….

A retreat on the 27th floor…. YES, PLEASE!

What do you LOVE?


7 thoughts on “Inspiring a Retreat in the Sky

    1. YAY! I love it too! Can’t wait to share what we have accomplished with the readers & all of the fun we had! Everyone should be so lucky to have a client like you Kate!

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