Bangin’ Pipes

I was strolling along Etsy looking for towel racks for a client & I found these bookshelves made out of industrial plumbing pipes!  I am sure I have seen something like this before but never done quite so well!

I am absolutely in LOVE with this 3 tier one!  

Ok, now, this one!  TOTALLY a towel bar with a LIGHT!  Why not, right?

Mix it up with a little cross action. Books at an angle, yep!  Could be nice vertical too for stacking towels.

Stepping up the wall.  I do think I prefer this one horizontally with the books angled.

Throw in a light AND some recycled wood!  These have me thinking now. Hmmmmmm?

Go on, check them out!

Buy some.

Let me know how they work out!

What do you LOVE?


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