Sensory Overload

I LOVE the floor… 

The rest is a bit much!


What do you LOVE?


8 thoughts on “Sensory Overload

  1. I am not sure about the ceiling. Maybe a wallpaper? My biggest concern is with the interior of the soffit having “hollywood makeup” lights around the entire room!

  2. Sensory overload is one way to put it!!! WOW! I do love the floor, but the rest of it all together just blows my mind! That makes me tired just looking at it, never mind living with it! Those hollywood makeup lights scare my anywhere, but especially where they have put them!

  3. Definitely a wallpaper on the ceiling. I’ve removed the same stuff in many bathrooms. Love how the doors coordinate with the crockpot and the sink. If you fixed the ceiling I’d be “okay” with it.

    1. I did! I like the colors, just not like THAT!
      Did you notice that the range wall has a black top and extra band of white around the cabinets? Wouldn’t want to blend!
      Thanks for the comment Arne!

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