Yeah, I get it, we all LOVE carrera marble. But, do we have to use it on every countertop & in every bathroom (in about 300,000 different tile patterns, sizes & combos)?



I, too, LOVE this stone.

It IS all of the things I mentioned above. In fact, it is by far one of my favorites (close 2nd to Calcutta & Steel Grey Slate. I guess that is 3rd – but really, who is keeping track).

SIDE BAR: I have used it in “many-a-bathroom” in my career but rarely use it in kitchens. It has WAY TOO MANY maintenance issues & you know me…FUNCTION FIRST!

A project of Spacial Adaptation in 2009

I do, however, fear that it will become the “Travertine of 2011!”

Let’s think of more creative ways to utilize this stone…ways which appreciate the natural movement of the pattern, the subtle color transitions & add to the beauty which already exists within the material.

Shall we?

Slabs – How about floors and walls? LOVELY!


Maybe, a little sculpture? Seriously AMAZING!

Manhattan in Marble - Yutaka Sone

Furniture? Not comfortable but maybe more of an art piece, this one.

via Future Mountains

Bathroom “Fixtures”? Why, yes! I will take 2.

Marble Washbasin via New Inspiration Home Design
Marble Bath by Guillaume Bardet - Alelier 109

Outdoor? Sculpture. Function. Beauty. Yes.

Mobillier Immobile. Work by Pierre Bidaud, Design by Guillaume Bardet - Atelier 109
Mobillier Immobile. Work by Emmannuel Brea. Design by Guillaume Bardet - Aletier 109

You may have noticed several of these on my Pinterest Board. Expect more!

What do you LOVE?


2 thoughts on “ENOUGH ALREADY

  1. feels good huh? a little rant.

    I will say the thought of the cost of a giant slab of marble, a pedestal, a tub — and these are practical examples, makes my head hurt a little. This coming from a guy who just a put an hex mosaic down on his bathroom floor at about $9.50 an sf. …and you are right on all points. Marble is gorg esp. the artistic examples above. I do love it. But I also love having a few dollars to finance my children’s education…

    Thanks for posting Michelle (thought provoking) and feel free to rant at me again soon.

    1. Yes! Feels great JB!
      Although I totally understand the price point of a mosaic is much easier to swallow, I still see tooooooooo much of it. EVERYWHERE! As I mentioned, it reminds me of travertine from 5 years ago. It was everywhere and on everything. It dated projects. I have a feeling, the same is happening now with Carrera!
      I just think, as designers, we can be more creative. The examples I used are a little extreme but you know…there are other materials & stones out there!
      Thanks for reading JB, I am sure to rant a few more times in the future!

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