Turning a Disappointment into a One of a Kind Art Piece

You may remember my first project post back in November when I shared the inspiration for this project in St. Paul. And if you follow us on Facebook, you know that Kate, the client, LOVED this rug for her master bedroom.

Unfortunately, when it was delivered…it wasn’t quite right. The colors were much more pastel then we had hoped!  The amazing orange was more of a salmon and the bright blue was much too muted.

We returned this one & moved on to find another for the space (STILL looking if you have suggestions).

Kate and I were both disappointed with our lose. But…I had an idea!

Blow up the pattern, cut out the part that we LOVE and….

Hire a talented artist like Sheryl Vanderpol of Untapped Resource to add the pattern to an existing tea table that needs a little LOVE…

Adjust the colors to the exact palette of our space and ….


What do you LOVE?


6 thoughts on “Turning a Disappointment into a One of a Kind Art Piece

    1. Absolutely! I am not sure the process would have been so easy with just any artist. Your experience with designers & desire to collaborate is refreshing & makes my job so much easier!

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