A Colorful Island Awaits

Occasionally I feel the urge to share some of my work with the world.

I am also a big fan of Before & After stories.

Here is a kitchen I completed in Plymouth, Minnesota





The custom center island steals the show!  

We were able to reuse existing windows (moving one to the far right) and adding a large pane in the center which allowed us to open the view to their AMAZING view.

One of my favorite things to do is look at side by side Before & After shots.

Here is my favorite “idea” of this project. Eliminating the unused 2nd staircase & repurposing into a mini butler’s pantry.


As they say, “LOVE is in the details.”

Glass front doors and PRETTY light which creates a lovely pattern on the ceiling.

Where do you stop the tile splash?

YOU DON”T!  Finish it.

The addition of stone switch plates is a bonus. (even though the electrician didn’t put them high enough….not my guys….grrrr)

A clean tile pattern with a POP of glass and COLOR which defines the palette of the entire space.

We also completed the master suite at the same time. I might wait to share that one until the photographer gets there & spare you from my horrible scouting shots!

What do you LOVE?

Client’s Contractor: Heatherwood Construction


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