Long Story, Short

So, I started this blog after months…years of deciding what to do with it, call it, etc.  A few months of intense planning and it launched 1.1.11 (LOVE that!)

Then, I go and get SUPER busy with clients and have no time to talk about all of the fun, interesting people and projects I get to work with everyday.  Sure, being this busy is something I wanted, dreamed of and am excited about.  So…what’s my REAL problem?

Nothing really.  I just thought I’d share the story since so many have asked.

I fully intend to still maintain the blog, it’ll just be … well, different.  Maybe less posts with more information?  Maybe more posts with less information?  Maybe just some ramblings?  Whichever way it goes, I hope you will continue to follow.


Happy 2012 to you all!

Michelle 🙂



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