I AM a Bath Person

As a designer specializing in kitchens and bathrooms for the past 13 years, I have often had the “Are You A Bath Person” conversation.  Most Americans (Midwest & West Coast, from experience) want a large, fancy bathtub but very few actually will USE IT!

FACT: If you don’t take baths now, you most likely will not start doing so after you spend a ton of money to create a pretty, new one.  


I, on the other hand, AM a Bath Person!

For many years, I took 1 – 3 baths a week (ritually on Sunday evenings to relax and revamp for the week ahead). Since moving to our new house 2 years ago, I have been without a tub. Well, one that I can submerge my shoulders and knees at the SAME TIME (See Below)

Current Situation

I am in withdrawl….

Yes, Please!
My Tub Runneth Over
Deep Soak
Fire & Wood
Serenity Bliss

What do you LOVE?


6 thoughts on “I AM a Bath Person

    1. Very Nice! I like a hot shower in the am to wake me up and clear my sinuses…steam preferred. There is nothing like a bath to calm the mind, body and soul though! Thank you for sharing. LOVE your site!

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