Things I LOVE about this book

I used to read a lot of books … A LOT.

Today? Mister BahBah, the puppy, clients and social media take much of my time.  ONCE in a while however, I am referred to a book that catches my attention.

Like this one…

This book is a WONDERFULLY insightful resource for homeowners who want to make their house their home. I have already gifted this book to one friend and one client. I plan to do it again.

I LOVE the simplicity, relate-ability, character, humor and illustrations!


Each section is short, sweet and useful!  It is full of great information that can be used as a whole or in parts. It is broken down into areas of the home, making it easy to work at your own pace. Whether you tackle the entire room or just a few updates here and there, it is perfect!

I also heard a rumor that the author, James Swan, will be in Minneapolis this spring! I can’t wait to hear what he has to say!  Until then, I plan to continue following him on Twitter and Facebook (SO awesome!)

What do you LOVE?


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