Pink Eye, A Park & Wallpaper

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I spent 10 days this month with pink eye and the last 6 with massive allergies.  If you saw me and didn’t know better, you would think that I had been crying for a month… pathetic, really.  The good news?

I couldn’t work much, was “stuck” with my precious boy and it was B-E-A-Utiful outside!

What’s a girl to do?


A walk to the Nature Center in our neighborhood.

A stop on the “turtle bridge” to check out the muck & look for frogs and turtles.
The lake was still frozen ~ no ducks, just ice.

My most favorite part of this park is the peacefulness (even with the freeway in the distance & the occasional airplane). We are 5 miles from downtown Minneapolis yet I can sit on this dock and feel a million miles away…. Serene!

Time for some exercise! Up the stairs to the top!

The top of the hill had some wonderful wooded paths we had never explored.  It was a blast going through these with my son and showing him how to read the maps. Both of us were startled by the wild turkey (there are several in the park) which came VERY close to us.  It was larger than Gabe!  Crazy Town!

Time for the “green park” as he calls it.
He has now mastered the climbing wall and can not only get to the top by himself but climb over it! The kid is growing like a weed…he must stop!

After 3 hours at the park, we headed back home for lunch and a nap.  I spent the rest of this weekend, and random nights since, on home decor projects. Like these two…

This project has EVERYTHING to do with my inspiration post.
This is my master bathroom, a teeeeeeeny 3/4 that needs some UMPH!

Both of these projects are “do as you have time and get the feeling” ~ as are all of the projects at my own home. I do have full intentions of blogging these when they are finished.  Let’s just say…

Don’t Hold Your Breathe!

What do you LOVE?


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