Conspiring a Boy’s Bedroom

The conversation started 3 months ago with my 3-year-old son, it is time to “update” his room from Baby to Big Boy.

It turns out that mom and son were not on the same page.

Mom wanted sophistication with a fun twist. Something that would be fairly easy, affordable & quick.  Like this…

*via House Beautiful

Son wanted a “firetruck with a rocket on top and Spiderman on the side shooting webs at bad guys.”  ~ I feel like that room might lead to this…

*via LA Times

Anyone who knows me well knows that a “Superhero” theme was NOT happening.  What is a mom to do? Well, this mom happens to know Erika Ward of Blu Label in Atlanta.  She is always posting the most fun & creative kids rooms!   Soooo, I started with her Pinterest boards

*via Julie Hillman

*via Caldwell Flake

*via desire to inspire

*via project nursery

*via Angie Helm Interiors

After much discussion and a little persuasion, we settled on stripes.

Now the real work begins.


What size?

What color?

Paint? Fabric? Rugs? Drapery?

AHHHHH….. off to the store for inspiration…..


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