Landscape Lovin’ ~ Mid Century Inspiration

As summer approaches, the warmer weather & longer days remind me of the outside projects I have been urging myself to tackle this year.  The area of focus is my front yard, or at least a portion of it. My dream is to live in an authentic Mid Century home.  I ADORE the landscapes of homes like these.

via: retrorenovation

via HGTV
via: midcenturyliving
via: section-designs

Living in Minnesota limits my options for plants but not design.  Here are a few more photos I found that are inspiring me in my own space.

via: midcenturyliving

via: archithings

Last year we removed the dying bushes that were poorly maintained by the previous owners.  We had hoped that nurturing them would help. However, after 2 years, I gave up and decided to take a fresh look at the space.

My House

All spring I have been staring at the right side of the yard, from the street, from the front door, from the neighbors yard view, out the bedroom window…I have a LOT of ideas.  Too many.

One thing is for sure, I need to make up my mind and get to work before another year goes by!


2 thoughts on “Landscape Lovin’ ~ Mid Century Inspiration

  1. Cute! So much potential. I love these homes, I was recently in Palm Springs and saw some amazing mid-century buildings. I’ve always felt like in the 50s and 60s (even late 40s), we really were getting it together with our residential architecture.

    Is the first picture an Eichler?

    1. I am not sure about the first home, Eichler is a favorite of mine so it wouldn’t surprise me! I used to live in LA and worked on many modern projects. I adore that we are coming back to appreciate mid century again. However, I am ready for it to not be trendy.

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