Meet Jada ~ Fun. Fresh. Home. Local.

I met Jada earlier this year when she requested a photo shoot at the Valcucine Showroom in International Market Square for her new product line, a collection of laser cut fine paper placemats like this one.

After the shoot, our conversation lead us to realize that she is now a professor at UW-Stout, the same university I attended for my undergraduate. The more we chatted, the more I liked her and wanted to know more about her business Design Orange.

So, I interviewed her!

Who’s Jada Schumacher?

I wondered, how does an architect get into paper doilies?

I have bought all kinds of paper for years. Colleagues from overseas would gift me paper from India, etc. I went through a stage where I tried to wrap presents in a mishmash of papers only connecting using folding or string. My friends got some wacky wraps in that era. Although I design in a variety of media (in fact, I would call color my medium), I decided to kick off the base of the Design Orange product line with papers, one of my favorite tactile and clean-looking making materials.

She also had a collection of felt rugs at the shoot, like this one…

and these…

What does Jada have to say about herself?

I make colorful things that let you communicate to crushes with quirky honesty, to kids with truthful joy, and to friends with wacky sweetness.

I like fun, clean, fresh, minimalist color.

Ok, I get the last part but what is the rest of that about? Watch for Part II on Twin Cities Design Collective & a giveaway here next week!

I love a cliffhanger… What do you LOVE?


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