More Jada ~ Paper. Friends. Lovers. A Giveaway.

And, we are back with Jada!
(1st and 2nd installation of our interview ~ if you missed them or just want to read again)


In addition to the fun home accessories and baby items, Jada has a FREAKIN’ adorable line of cards! Overall, I think these are my favorite. Then again, those felt rugs….
When I asked Jada what her Signature Style is she simply stated, “I make colorful things that let you communicate to crushes with quirky hoesty, to kids with truthful joy, and to friends with wacky sweetness.”
Yes, Jada…You DO!  Here  are some examples of the colorful fun Jada is bringing to the party!
For Friends…
For your Love….
For a Coworker…

I LOVE mine!  So much that I can’t use them yet. I just look at them and think they are TOO awesome to write on! (I know. I know. Paper Therapy.)

Let’s get a bit serious for a brief second … If you could go back in time and tell your old self one bit of advice concerning design what would you say and why?

If you are not embarrassed/dissatisfied with something you have created in the past, it means that you are not growing as a person and as a designer. A bit of dismay at long lost creations may just be the gem of success for those pushing to explore new territories.

Oh, and loving what you do sure doesn’t hurt!

Now that we know she is smart & encouraging … let’s get back to AWESOME, shall we?

Jada’s new coasters (yes, you are seeing them HERE first – unless you already bought some off this morning!)

DIRTY Cocktail Lingo Coaster
Oyster Blossom Coaster
Sea Star Coaster

So, whatcha think?  Like?  LOVE?  Me too!

For those of you who have been following this series along, you will be thrilled to hear that it is now time for our RANDOM ASSORTMENT OF DESIGN ORANGE GOODNESS GIVEAWAY ~(aka Sweepstakes)

1st. Comment on any or all of the posts so we know you exist (yeah, we are sort “fact checkers” like that)

2nd. Tell all of your friends about the blog, our Facebook Pages etc so we know you LOVE Jada & Design Orange as much as we do.

3rd. Promise that you will photograph and/or inform us of how you used your winnings (we really, really, really like parties 😉

4th. Read the disclaimer stuff we are required to tell you below.

*** Note, 2-3 are not required but would be really awesome!

A Variety of Coaster Goodness ~ LOVE!

What do you LOVE?

We will have 2 winners!  (Because we can & that is just how we roll.)

We will chose a winner at random, therefore we are hosting a sweepstakes & thus we comply with the laws regarding sweepstakes.

1. Identify the prize – lunch notes and pillow cards (plus a random assortment of other Design Orange goodness). Some of it will be a surprise, but who doesn’t LOVE surprised!?!

2. Who can enter – anyone in the United States (I guess my Canadian friends have some regulations that are limiting us from blessing them with free stuff)

3. Duration – Starts now and funs through July 31, 2012

4. How to enter – See the steps above

5. How Winner Is Chosen – On August 1st or 2nd, we will write all names of those who have commented on any of the 3 blog posts in this series on a small piece of paper (all same size, shape, color and thickness). We will then stick them in a hat or bowl (this will be left to our discretion & whatever is available at the time). We will then draw 2 names. We will then announce the winners on our Spacial Adaptation Facebook Page.  The winners will have until midnight August 6th to claim their prize.  If any of the prizes are not claimed, we will do it all again!

6. Technical Issues – If at any time there are technical difficulties, we will take that time and add to all deadlines.


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