Do, Look UP!


They are often forgotten.

But, please don’t!

Have a little fun!

The ultimate in ceiling fun is done in the architecture of the building…like these!

via: Marcus Sutton on Pinterest

via: House of Turquoise

Need a more simple place to start?  Try paint! One color can make an impact in any room.

via: Amanda Nisbet Design
via: Interior Style Design
via: Vastudc

My current obsession is pattern. Wallpaper, paint, stencil…whatever, just do it!

via: Lavendar & Ash
via: Haley Peckham on Pinterest
via: The Open House on Pinterest

My all time go to for clients is wood, it’s warm, comes in a variety of color/tones and can work with any decor.  It is fairly simple and affordable to boot!

via: Spacial Adaptation
via: Brown Dress with White Dots
via: Flickr

If you are SUPER brave, try something a bit unique!

via: My Paradise
via: Chihuly

What do you LOVE?


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