Party Pooped ~ Gabe had a Birthday ~ Round 1

ROUND ONE – Family Day – Mid August

One of my most favorite events of the year is the birthday party we throw for my son and my niece.  They were born 5 weeks apart and couldn’t be more different!

Due to it’s convenient location (nearly all of our family lives within 15 miles of it), cost (free) and the HUGE playground, this year’s location was the same as last year, Covill Park in Red Wing, MN.

On the Mississippi River

While my sister and mom ran to pick up the cake and balloons, Gabe and I were in charge of finding a good location at the park that was not already taken. BUT FIRST, we had some extra time to stop at Memorial Park, a place I remember going with my parents as a kid.

Check out THAT VIEW!

The cake is always an adventure. This year is no different…

Avianna LOVES princesses.

Gabe LOVES superheros.

Here’s what we came up with. What do you think?

The Cake

As you can imagine, getting them both to smile and sit still at the same time is a challenge. I think there is a good photo in there somewhere…

Cute but….
In comes Uncle Bob to help!
I guess that will work.

After cake and ice cream, we opened gifts, each taking a turn.

Gabe opening his favorite gift of ALL TIME
AHHHH! The Spiderman costume.
The first thing he did when we got home?
Yep…never even made it into the house.


I hope next year is this smooth!

What do you LOVE?


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