Party Pooped ~ Gabe had a Birthday ~ Round 2

ROUND TWO – Super Hero Adventures via Gymnastics & Friends

I won’t even begin to tell you all of the time I put into thinking about this party, asking Gabe where and who and when….blah… here’s what we did.

Location ~ St. Louis Park Community Gymnastics Gym

2 hours total.

1st hour – Gymnastics.  They supplied two coaches to put the kids through stretches, obstacle courses and equipment. (I set up for the 2nd hour).  THANKFULLY most of the parents stayed and assisted. I am happy to report… NO injuries!

2nd hour –  Snack, Food Fun, Fun Bags, Gifts & Cupcakes

It is now over and everyone appeared to have a blast, including his fun cousin (above).


THEN, It’s time for me to sleep…until next year!

Because, you know I’ll do it all again.

For Gabe.

See Round 1 here.

What do you LOVE? 


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