My Crazy Little Family

My sister and her girls were in town a few weekends ago. As usual, we jam-packed a BA-ZILLION things into 24 hours.  Yep…typical.

Saturday was reserved for the oldest, Briella’s, 6th birthday extravaganza ~ 3 hours at a park & then a party at their hotel ~ so we fit family photos at the Walker Art Center, sculpture garden (aka let the kids run off some energy) visit, dinner & neighborhood Halloween Event in about 5 hours on Friday.

My buddy, Sara, took our photos.

She is a saint!  Anyone who captured even one great photo of our crew is amaze-balls, no doubt!

A sampling …

Beautiful Birthday Girl
I LOVE her!
Me & Mister BahBahs

After our shoot, we took the opportunity to explore the sculture garden across the street.  The kids didn’t quite “get” the big deal about the spoon.  Guess they haven’t lived in Minnesota long enough 😉

Then we played, “Who can find Gabe” Little bugger kept running and hiding. Can you find him?

How about now?

Time to sit.  Each of these benches is inscribed with a poem. At least the ones I read.

I think I need to go back alone sometime.  It’s quite peaceful despite being in the middle of the city.

What do you LOVE?


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