Inspired Appliances

Many of you already know me as an Interior Designer with a focus in Kitchen & Bathroom design.  Much of the reason for this direction in my career is due to my love for those two spaces and the need to often remodel those spaces.

A recent project had me online searching through the Smeg appliance website. It is not a well know brand in the US but it should be.  I am thankful that I not only get to dream about it in projects but also have access to purchase it for my clients.

Here are a few options I presented to the client as well as my personal favorites.

The “feet” are amazing. It is sophisticated without feeling heavy like so many industrial options can be.

The black offered by Smeg is … well, SEXY!  The option of induction is brilliant!

The above model is wider than your “average” cooker (that’s what they call a range).  I like the grill plate option. However, if they start to make THIS is black with induction….

A client recently sent me a few shots of his newly installed Smeg range.  IMAG0359


Nice, eh?

This oven has these “I HAVE TO HAVE THIS OVEN” features/functions.

Extra wide oven    ~ Nice ~

Automatic switch-off when door is open   ~ Safety ~

Special pizza cooking function    ~ Lovely ~

Rotisserie    ~ Perfection ~

Integrated panini toaster facility with timer    ~ ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! ~

What do you LOVE?


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