Adventures in Fargo

Last month I was in Fargo, North Dakota for a design project I am working on.  Everything I needed was within 6 blocks of my hotel.  Although I was in the heart of downtown, it was like I was in a quaint small town.


I arrived on Monday evening and settled into the Hotel Donaldson. It is a modern boutique space in an old building.
Hotel Donalson Sign

The street entrance holds the Restaurant and Lounge to either side of this fun holiday welcome.  Up the stairs to the check in.
Hanging Tree at HoDo

Each room in the HoDo (what the locals call it, I would soon learn) features a local artist.

HoDo Bed

HoDo Art

There were also some less colorful pieces…HoDo art headHoDo Art Desk

First order of business was to eat and work.  Having a “dietary restriction” while traveling can be a challenge.  THANKFULLY, the hotel restaurant was great to work with and hooked me up with this delicious dish. HoDo Food

I honestly don’t remember everything about the sauce or spices on the trout. However, I do remember these sautéed wild mushrooms.  They were the kind that you “num, num, num” the entire time you are eating them.  I briefly considered ordering another huge plate of them.HoDo Mushrooms

What do you LOVE?


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Fargo

    1. Yes, I was pleasantly surprised at the art community there. I know that NDSU has an art program but never put the two in one thought! I will be heading back this summer to install the project. I am sure it will be more beautiful in 70 degree weather!

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