I confess…

I confess …. I’ve been a tad MIA here lately.  I guess life has gotten the best of me this summer. Or, maybe it is this SUMMER that has gotten the best of me? Either way, I’m a blog-slacker.

I swear I’ve tried, here and there. (73 drafts would prove this true)

So, what HAVE I been doing?  A few things.

1. Hanging out with my son (he starts Kindergarten this fall!)

2. Working on my own home projects (Stop laughing!)

3. Driving (fargo, lake city, rochester, etc) LOTS of driving, both work and fun.

4. Accounting (Necessary Evil for a business owner)

5. Detox – ish. As it turns out, gluten and dairy may NOT be my body’s only rejections.

6. Relaxing. I’ve taken my “extra” time for myself, to read books, sleep and do puzzles. Now it’s fall and I tend to get productive.  We’ll see where that takes me.


What do YOU love?



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